Latest batch of chocolates, flavored with Grand Marnier. It might be a little difficult to see, but the ones on the left have been decorated with gold pearl dust.

My first attempts at hollow form wood turning.

Made two batches of filled chocolates this weekend. First batch was flavored with Cointreau, the second batch was flavored with Disaronno.

I made a couple googie/Stevotomic style signs

Made some chocolates filled with a water ganache flavored with Van Gogh Espresso Vodka.

I've made a few more turning tools, 3mm & 5mm parting tools, some detail tools and some hollowing tools.

Bought some dollar store crap and transformed it into wood handled crap...

I built a quick and dirty base for my cell phone and cheap stereo for the work shop.

I made a set of handles for my files.

I made a quick and dirty holder for my turning tools. I have plans to make a few more tools, so I'll need to upgrade this soon.

A couple projects I made on my new lathe.

The tools that came with my cheap lathe were rather poor quality, so I made my own using carbide inserts.

First project on the lathe.

Version 2 of the retractable tool prototype.

3D printed prototype for a retractable tool.

I made a few bottle openers using plywood.

I made a stand to hold multiple guitars. All I need to do know is build some guitars.

A mallet made from plywood.

I made a bottle opener in the shape of a Gibson guitar headstock.

I made a simple bolt thread size checker.

Bottle opener made from pallet wood.

I put together a simple circuit for testing RGB LED strings. Built so the microcontroller can easily be removed.

Made a clock from a clock kit and a few pieces of pallet wood. A kit with black hands would likely look better.