Larson Scanner Arduino Shield

I thought it would be nice to have a Larson Scanner shield for my Arduino, so I built one. It's simple and cheap to build and would probably make a good first project for someone wanting to try etching their own PCB.

The circuit is rather simple, it has 9 LEDs and 3 switches.

The following parts are needed to make this project.

9 - 10mm LEDs
9 - 330 ohm resisters
3 - button switches
3 - 10k ohm resisters
2 - 6 pin male headers
2 - 8 pin male headers
1 - etched circuit board.

Build Larson Scanner Shield

etch the circuit board using your preferred method (I use Press-n-Peel Blue and Cupric Chloride etchant).

1. solder headers
Single sided pcb makes soldering the headers a little tricky. I pushed the pins of the headers as far as possible.

I inserted the headers into their place on the circuit board and then connected to an Arduino to ensure the headers are lined up correctly.

I turned the shield upside down and soldered the end pins of all the headers. Then removed the shield from the Arduino and soldered the remaining joints.

2. solder resisters
3. solder switches
4. solder LEDs

NOTE: In the original (v1.0) layout I designed the shield to be centered on the Arduino. However, some of the solder joints interfere with the Arduino USB port. The shield still works fine but it doesn't sit quite right. I've re-designed the shield (v1.1) to fix this problem.