Some shop organization.

Candle yard decoration with moving flame.

Christmas Show Tree using WS2811 RGB LEDs controlled using an Arduino.

I used some scrap wood to make some Halloween decorations. Giaco Lantern and Jake O' Lantern.

Made myself a shop sign using the lacquer thinner toner transfer technique.

I made a sign to hang on my fench.

I built a new fog machine controller.

It'd be nice to own a Jimmy Diresta ice pick, but they are a bit pricey. So I took an angle grinder to an old screwdriver...

Made a lamp from pallet wood.

Small planters made from pallet wood.

I designed a mini fidget spinner and an Altoids tin insert to hold it.

Some lamp design experiments with materials I had on hand, ideally they would have vintage style sockets.

This was my entry into the No Lathe Pen Challenge.

Made some handles for my files with some scrap crap wood I had lying around.

I made some outdoor color changing tree ornaments.

I made some outdoor tree ornaments using foam floor mats.

I made a Minecraft Torch for a Halloween costume.

3D printed a fidget cube from a model I downloaded from Thingiverse.