A mallet made from plywood.

I made a bottle opener in the shape of a Gibson guitar headstock.

I made a simple bolt thread size checker.

Bottle opener made from pallet wood.

I put together a simple circuit for testing RGB LED strings. Built so the microcontroller can easily be removed.

Made a clock from a clock kit and a few pieces of pallet wood. A kit with black hands would likely look better.

I bought a knife blade off Amazon and made a handle for it from pallet wood.

Some shop organization.

Candle yard decoration with moving flame.

Christmas Show Tree using WS2811 RGB LEDs controlled using an Arduino.

I used some scrap wood to make some Halloween decorations. Giaco Lantern and Jake O' Lantern.

Made myself a shop sign using the lacquer thinner toner transfer technique.

I made a sign to hang on my fench.

I built a new fog machine controller.

It'd be nice to own a Jimmy Diresta ice pick, but they are a bit pricey. So I took an angle grinder to an old screwdriver...

Made a lamp from pallet wood.

Small planters made from pallet wood.

I designed a mini fidget spinner and an Altoids tin insert to hold it.

Some lamp design experiments with materials I had on hand, ideally they would have vintage style sockets.