This was my entry into the No Lathe Pen Challenge.

Made some handles for my files with some scrap crap wood I had lying around.

I made some outdoor color changing tree ornaments.

I made some outdoor tree ornaments using foam floor mats.

I made a Minecraft Torch for a Halloween costume.

3D printed a fidget cube from a model I downloaded from Thingiverse.

Led ring powered by a rechargable battery in an 3D printed enclosure.

Custom PCB for 10 x 7 individually addressable RGB LED display.

I designed and 3D printed a diffuser for my 10 x 2 RGB LED PCB.

I made a couple signs one for the office I work in and another for a friend's office.

I've been wanting to make a boom case for some time. This mini boom box is a proof of concept. I plan to make a larger one with better quality parts in the near future.

Built a funnel holder to make a life a bit easier when filling jars of Razor's Awesome Sauce.

I built this relatively simple device for the sales team at the company I work for. They wanted something to celebrate when a sale closed, so I built a box that plays a tune and turns on a rotating light when the button is pushed.

I built a Mario Bros lamp using cast iron pipe fittings.

Christmas light tree using 96 WS2801 RGB LEDs controlled by an Arduino derivative.

more info to follow