For Halloween 2013 I built several tombstones.

The main body of the tombstones were build using insulation board. I glued several boards together to add some thickness and cut the shape using my hot wire cutter. The base of the tombstones were built using 2"x6" and 2"x4"

I built a timer power box to automatically turn off power to my soldering iron after 30 minutes.

The power box uses an ATTiny 85 and relay to control power to the outlet. When the button is pressed the timer resets to 30 minutes. The relay section of the circuit is based off the circuit provided in this Sparkfun tutorial

One Dimensional Pong game built using an Arduino derivative.

Halloween/Christmas decoration built using a cardboard box, cardboard tubes, papier-mâché and hot glue. The flames are flickering LEDs (purchased on ebay) connected to a 5v power source. The 'flames' covering the LEDs are taken from battery powered tea lights purchased at a dollar store.

I thought it would be nice to have a Larson Scanner shield for my Arduino, so I built one. It's simple and cheap to build and would probably make a good first project for someone wanting to try etching their own PCB.

The circuit is rather simple, it has 9 LEDs and 3 switches.

The following parts are needed to make this project.

This pumpkin lights up, shifts its eyes and makes spooky noises when someone approaches it.

I used ideas and code from the following projects to complete this halloween pumpkin.